DASH CAM for test builds

Reduce the debugging time of the development team by 30%.

Reduce the bug reproduction time of the QA team and the analyzing time of the development team.

How to record test builds automatically?

You have only to put our sdk scriprt in your app source code.

See videos in real time!
You can immediately view the video that was just recorded (within 5 seconds).
Cut recorded videos!
You can report bugs by cutting only the desired part of automatically recorded videos.
Comment directly on the videos!
You can comment directly on the recorded videos on the exact time and place when bug occurs.

If you found a bug, you can check right away how the bug happended in automatically recorded videos.

We made it easier for you

Check more features of screen recording SDK

See videos with touch points
You can trace tester’s activities easily with their touch points on automatically recorded videos.
Record app version automatically
Developers don't have to ask each version of the app where the bug appeared. Effi records it automatically :)

How to use real time app recording SDK?

Make your app development efficient!

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